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Dr. Sinead Pembroke
Research Fellow, School of Nursing & Midwifery

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sinead Pembroke, Historical institutional child abuse in Ireland: survivor perspectives on taking part in the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (CICA) and the redress scheme, Contemporary Justice Review, 22, (1), 2019, p43 - 59 Journal Article, 2019

Coyne I, Pembroke S, Lagoda N, Hillard C, Cody D, Roche E, Brenner M , Determining adolescents, parents and professionals' views concerning the educational needs of adolescents with type 1 diabetes and content preferences for short self-management videos and a question prompt sheet., Archives of Disease in Childhood, 104, (Suppl 3), 2019 Journal Article, 2019 DOI

Pembroke S, Lagoda N, Brenner M, Hilliard C, Cody D, Roche E, Coyne I , How do you measure self-management behaviour in adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus? an integrative review of self-management measurement instruments, Archives of Disease in Childhood, 103, (Suppl 3), 2019 Journal Article, 2019 DOI

Sinead Pembroke, Precarious work precarious lives: How policy can create more security, Dublin, FEPS-TASC, 2018, 4 - 115pp Book, 2018 TARA - Full Text

Alicja Bobek, Sinead Pembroke, James Wickham, Living with uncertainty: the social implications of precarious work, Dublin, FEPS-TASC, 2018, p5 - 100 Report, 2018

Sinead Pembroke, Foucault and Industrial Schools in Ireland: Subtly Disciplining or Dominating through Brutality?, Sociology, 53, (2), 2018, p385 - 400 Journal Article, 2018

Sinead Pembroke, Agnes Higgins, Niall Pender, Naomi Elliott, Becoming comfortable with "my" epilepsy: Strategies that patients use in the journey from diagnosis to acceptance and disclosure, Epilepsy and Behaviour, 70, 2017, p217 - 223 Journal Article, 2017

Sinead Pembroke, Exploring the post-release experience of former Irish Industrial School "inmates", Irish Studies Review, 25, (4), 2017, p454 - 471 Journal Article, 2017

Elliott, N; Pembroke, S; White, M; Pender, N; Doherty, C; Higgins, A, How2tell - the collaborative development of an evidence-based resource for self-disclosure strategies for people with epilepsy: interim results, 31st International Epilepsy Congress (IEC), Istanbul, Turkey, 5-9th September , 2015 Poster, 2015

Pembroke S, Higgins A, Elliott N, How2tell: The conditions of disclosing for people with epilepsy, 16th Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Conference, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 4-5 November 2015, 2015 Oral Presentation, 2015

Sinead Pembroke, The role of Industrial Schools and control over child welfare in Ireland in the twentieth century, Irish Journal of Sociology, 21, (1), 2013, p52 - 67 Journal Article, 2013

Jo Murphy-Lawless, Agnes Higgins, Sinead Pembroke, Women in sexuality education: The impact of the Irish Family Planning Association's WiSE UP Programme, Ireland, Dublin, Crisis Pregnancy Agency, 2007 Report, 2007 TARA - Full Text