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Mr. Padraig Dunne
Allocations Officer, School of Nursing & Midwifery


Pádraig qualified as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in 2000 with a Diploma in Nursing from TCD and St. Patricks University Hospital. Following this he completed his Bachelor Nursing Science in 2001 and Post Graduate in Nursing in 2004 and his Masters of Arts in Clinical Dramatherapy in 2008.

Pádraig has worked in the clinical and education fields for 21 years gaining extensive experience in the areas of enduring and acute mental illness, mental illness in young adults, student and staff nurse supervision and education. He has developed specialised knowledge and research in the area of Arts Therapies in Healthcare, including research with women enduring depressive illness.

Pádraig came to TCD in 2006 bringing with him, extensive experience in clinical Practice and clinical education.

Pàdraigs Role as the Clinical Allocations Officer | Erasmus Lead in the School of Nursing and Midwifery involves him in the areas of Curriculum development, course management, student and clinical support, competency assessment, Preceptorship training, teaching, research and Erasmus Activities and much more. Being in one of the more dynamic roles within the school allows Pádraig to provide advice and guidance in the delivery and future development of Nurse Education within the college.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Pádraig J Dunne, A Descriptive Case Study to explore the use of Projective Techniques in the group Dramatherapy setting with women exploring their Suicidal Ideation and Depression., 10th Annual interdisciplinary Research Conference : transforming Healthcare through research Education and technology, School of Nursing and Midwifery - 24 DOLier St Dub 2, 4/5 Nov 2009, School of Nursing and Midwifery , book of abstracts, 2009, pp46 - 46 Meeting Abstract, 2009 URL TARA - Full Text

Timmins, F and Dunne, P , An exploration of the current use and benefit of nursing student portfolios, Nurse Education Today, 29,, 2009, p330 - 341 Journal Article, 2009 DOI

Timmins, F. and Dunne, P., An Exploration of the Use and Benefit of Undergraduate Nursing Student Portfolios , NET 2006 19th International Participative Conference for Education in Health Care, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK , 2-4th September , 2008 Meeting Abstract, 2008

Timmins, F. and Dunne, P., The Use and Benefit of Nursing Student Portfolios, NET/NEP 2008 2nd International Nurse Education International Conference Research and Innovation, International Nurse Education Crown Plaza Hotel, Dublin, June 9-11th , 2008 Meeting Abstract, 2008

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Dunne, P. and Timmins, F. , An Exploration of the Use and Benefit of Undergraduate Nursing Student Portfolios , NET 2008 19th International Participative Conference for Education in Health Care. , Churchill College, University of Cambridge. UK, 2-4th September, 2008, pp31 - 36 Meeting Abstract, 2008

Research Expertise


Interested in the clinical application of dramatherapy for clients in acute psychiatric settings. Private Consultant in Dramatherapy.


  • Title
    • Use of Portfolios with undergraduate nursing students
  • Title
    • A Descriptive Case Study to explore the use of Projective Techniques in the group Dramatherapy setting with women exploring their Suicidal Ideation and Depression.
  • Summary
    • Aim: To explore specific projective techniques used in the Dramatherapy setting and how these techniques may benefit women suffering from depression and suicidal ideation. Background: During therapy with these women anecdotal evidence began to emerge that projective techniques within the Dramatherapy sessions were beneficial for these women to aid the expression of their thoughts and feelings in relation to their depression and suicidal ideation. Following an extensive literature review it became obvious that little existed to support this argument especially within the health care setting. The study was embarked on to bridge the gap in the research between Art therapies and Health and to explore the notion that projective techniques specifically six-part story, Art/Drawing and Small World were beneficial for this client group during the sessions. Setting: The study was conducted with specifically referred women admitted to a major Psychiatric care setting in Dublin with a DSM IV diagnosis of Depression with Suicidal Ideation. Methodology: A descriptive case study approach was used exploring vignettes and findings from several varied and inventive data collection methods deemed necessary. Including participation and observation in groups, note taking, supervision and reflection notes, verbatim statements, semi-structured interviews, the Marion Social Atom model, a client's evaluation tool and documented feedback from clinical staff. Ethical approval was received from both the institution and through individual consent forms. Findings/ Conclusion: The findings indicated that the group focused their transformation during the therapy sessions around the use of certain projective techniques, some working better than others. The projective techniques provided a safe framework within the therapy sessions and permitted extensive exploration of suicidal ideation and depression allowing the women to name and own their thoughts and feeling in relation to their illness. The study also indicated that this type of therapy is very beneficial for clients suffering from depression
  • Funding Agency
    • none
  • Date From
    • 2007
  • Date To
    • 2008


Acute care nursing; Addiction and substance abuse; Antidepressants; Art Therapies; Child Mental Health; Child welfare; Childhood and mental health; Childhood Communication Disorders; Children, health and disability; Clinical learning environment in nursing; Depression; Developmental and mental disorders; Dramatherapy; Emotional, behavioural and cognitive disorders; Group Therapy; Health management; Health outcomes; Individual Therapy; Leadership in nursing; Mental health nursing; Mental health promotion; Personal Therapy; Psychiatry; Rehabilitation; Young People and Mental Health



Chair of the TCD Allocation Liaison group 2011

Full Member of the National Allocations Officer Group 2011

Full Member of the School International Strategic Committee 2011

Chair of Clinical Sub group for post graduate clinical Assessment. 2012

Full Member of the Clinical Competency group 26/06/2006

Full member of the Joint Working Group

Full member of the UG and PG Curriculum Development Group 26/06/2006

Full Member Faculty of Health Sciences Executive Committee. 2016-2018

Awards and Honours

MA Dramatherapy 2008

Post Graduate in Nursing 2004

BNS 2001

Diploma in Nursing Studies 2000

State registered Psychiatric Nurse 2000


An Bord Altranais

Irish Association for Creative Art Therapists