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Meet our PhD Students

Allen Stephanie

  • Project: The experiences and perspectives of fathers who participated in a patenting programme for children with ADHD
  • Supervisors: Dr. Louise Doyle & Prof. Agnes Higgins


Basa Muluken

  • Project: The impact of COVID-19 Amongst Risk and Protective Factors for Non-Communicable Disease Patients and Community Health Services in Developing Countries
  • Supervisors: Prof. Catherine Comiskey & Dr. Jan De Vries


Begley Thelma

  • Project: LGBQ young people’s sources of information on sexuality and sexual health

  • Supervisors: Prof. Agnes Higgins & Dr. Gabrielle McKee


Byrne Eamonn

  • Project: The Pathway to the Emergency Department: A national mixed methods study of pre-hospital practitioners’ experiences and training needs when responding to people with self-harm and suicidal behaviour
  • Supervisors: Dr. Louise Doyle, Dr. Brian Keogh & Dr. Niamh Cummins


Carey Marie

  • Project: CBT- SP (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Suicide Prevention): Imagery Intervention/ Supervisors: Dr. Louise Doyle & Dr. Brian Keogh

  • For access to The SUMI Study & Participant Information Leaflet (PIL), please contact


Casey William

  • Project: Older gay men’s experiences of Social Connection: A narrative analysis

  • Supervisors: Dr. Brian Keogh & Prof. Anne-Marie Brady


Collins Elaine

  • Project: Mental Health Organisational Culture and Practice Change: Moving Towards a Recovery Orientation Using Action Research

  • Supervisors: Prof. Agnes Higgins


Durning Jonathan

  • Project: A place in the choir: An investigation of the meaning that older people attach to membership of a community choir

  • Supervisors: Dr. Brian Keogh & Dr. Louise Doyle


Fitzpatrick Daniel

  • Project: Mental Health in the military: A mixed methods investigation of mental health and help-seeking behaviours in the Irish Defence Forces

  • Supervisors: Dr. Louise Doyle & Dr. Brian Keogh


Hannon Susan

  • Project: Women’s mental health and mental resilience five years after first-time motherhood: a mixed methods

  • Supervisors: Prof. Agnes Higgins & Dr. Deirdre Daly


James Philip

  • Project: Improving access and uptake of treatment services for substance using adolescents

  • Supervisors: Prof. Catherine Comiskey & Dr. Michael Nash


Killoury Fionnuala

  • Project: Protecting the Future of Mental Health Nursing in Ireland: An Exploration of the Transition Experiences, Career Intentions and Retention of Graduate Mental Health Nurses: A Mixed Methods Study
  • Supervisors: Dr. Brian Keogh & Dr. Louise Doyle


McDonagh David

  • Project: People who use drugs: Opiate Agonist Treatment and Trauma

  • Supervisors: Prof. Catherine Comiskey & Dr. Jan de Vries


McDonagh Tracey

  • Project: Borderline stories: Women’s narratives of borderline personality diagnosis and disclosure

  • Supervisors: Dr. Louise Doyle & Prof. Agnes Higgins


Punnakal Philip

  • Project: The Impacts of anxiety and depression on clinical outcomes and quality of life in patients with HF

  • Supervisors: Dr. Sharon O’Donnell


Richards Aine

  • Project: Developing a roadmap and vision for Liaison Psychiatry Nursing in Ireland; A mixed-methods study

  • Supervisors: Dr. Louise Doyle & Dr. Brian Keogh


Tortora Leda

  • Project: Hate and how we can stop hating: the role of betrayal and atonement

  • Supervisors: Dr. Jan De Vries


PhD Students outside the School- Mental Health and Recovery





Boland Miriam Understanding and supporting the psychotropic withdrawal process for individuals experiencing mental health problems

Prof. Agnes Higgins

Prof Cathal Cadogan

School of Pharmacy, TCD
Bright Anne-Marie

Women prisoner’s experiences of prison-based mental healthcare

Prof. Agnes Higgins

Dr AnneMarie Grealish

School of Nursing - University of Limerick
Trimborn Anna The neurological basis of hate and impact on bystanders Dr. Jan De Vries Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience