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Research Opportunities

    Healthcare Innovation and Integration (Research theme) Professor Anne-Marie Brady

    1.1 Chronic Illness

    • Living and working with chronic illness: Returning to work following 'diagnosis' and/or 'exacerbation' of a chronic illness - A mixed method study. Dr Patricia Cronin
    • Chronic illness and work affects - work-role functioning in people whith chronic illness in Ireland. Dr Patricia Cronin
    • Living and working with chronic illness: 'disclosing' - A qualitative exploration. Dr Patricia Cronin
    • What does it mean to be a part-time family carer? Dr Patricia Cronin

    1.2 Oncology Nursing

    1.3 Cardiovascular Health and Wellbeing Dr Gabrielle McKee

    • The effectiveness of a web-based intervention in reducing pre-hospital delay time in patients with acute coronary syndrome in the primary care and secondary care setting. Dr Gabrielle McKee
    • An action research project to evaluate, develop and implement telephone follow-up as a mechanism for post-discharge support. Dr Sharon O'Donnell
    • An action research project to evaluate, develop and implement a standardised patient discharge information protocol in a cardiac setting. Dr Mary Mooney & Dr Frances O'Brien
    • An action research project to evaluate the problem of non-attendance at cardiac appointments and to develop and implement a strategy to address this. Dr Gabrielle McKee and Dr Mary Mooney
    • An evaluation of the new Percutaneous Coronary intervention (PCI) programme. Dr Mary Mooney & Dr Frances O'Brien

    1.4 Ageing

    • A case study of the co-ordination of health and social care for people with dementia. Dr Patricia Cronin and Prof Anne-Marie Brady
    • Dementia care. Dr Louise Daly
    • Self-management in dementia care. Dr Louise Daly
    • Self-management of co-morbidities in early to mid-stage dementia. Dr Louise Daly
    • An exploration of ways in which community nurses support self-care for people living with dementia. Dr Louise Daly
    • The support needs of staff working in dementia care. Dr Louise Daly
    • Addressing cultural and linguistic diversity in cognitive screening protocols for older adult populations. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Developing the Resources and Life Strategy Management (REALISM) Intervention for care co-ordination in older adults. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Investigating the biological mechanisms underpinning age-related modifications to the vasculature. Dr Aileen Lynch
    • Defining associations between cognition (global, executive and meta-cognition), self-regulation and goal attainment in neurological rehabilitation (this topic will be applicable to nursing, psychology, allied health and medically qualified candidates). Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Assessing associations between physiological, cognitive and behavioural variables in older adults with neurodegenerative diseases. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Development and implementation of an integrated care pathway for the management of neurogenic dysphagia in gerontological care settings. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Exploring the association between sedentary behaviour and cardiac risk in the ageing population. Dr Gabrielle McKee
    • Community dwelling in older adults' experiences and needs in relation to self-management support for multi-morbidity - potential project by Dr Louise Daly, Dr Gobnait Byrne & Dr Brian Keogh.

    1.5 Stroke Care and Management

    • Levels and scope of nurse specialist practice in the pathway of stroke care: An International Perspective. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Determining nursing competencies and scope of practice for chronic stroke management in residential care settings. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Development of a nurse-led clinical governance stroke programme in Ireland: NLCGSP. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Revisiting stroke clinical guidelines - nursing specific guidelines and contributions. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Identifying changes to the emotion-cognition interaction post stroke. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • The Resources and Life Strategy Management (REALISM) intervention for stroke care. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Identifying prevalence, cause and risk for young stroke including antiphospholipid syndrome. Dr Claire Donnellan
    • Underestimation for continuous blood pressure monitoring in the prevention of small cerebral vessel disease and cognitive impairment. Dr Claire Donnellan

    2 Population and Community Health

    2.1 Addiction Prof Catherine Comiskey

    • Modelling the health, wellbeing and risk of addiction among the children of parents who use drugs
    • Addiction and ageing
    • Addiction and children
    • Addiction and innovations
    • Addiction and infectious disease
    • Addiction and data modelling
    • Infectious disease modelling, Covid-19, TB, HIV, Childhood diseases

    2.2 Health Needs of Ethnic and Minority Groups Dr Gobnait Byrne

    2.3 Community Nursing Dr Gobnait Byrne

    3 Practice Innovation

    3.1 Practice, Service and Role Development Prof Anne-Marie Brady

    • Healthcare Systems
    • Patient safety solutions in healthcare
    • Innovation and models of healthcare delivery
    • Quality improvement initiatives in healthcare
    • Workforce development
    • Regulation, guideline and standards in healthcare
    • Evaluation and implementation of integrated care pathways

    Implementation science, a study of the implementation of research in policy and or practice. Prof Catherine Comiskey

    4 Digital solutions in integrated care Prof Anne-Marie Brady and Dr John Dinsmore

    • Technological innovation in healthcare
    • Technology and behavioural change

    5 Spirituality Dr Fiona Timmins

    • Identification of clinical indicators of spiritual distress in palliative care patients and nurses' competencies in the provision of spiritual care
    • Developing and evaluating the impact of a web based spiritual care educational package for nurses
    • Patients' understanding of spirituality and spiritual care
    • An evaluation of the benefits of chaplaincy services in the Republic of Ireland
    • The evaluation of nurse-led rheumatoid arthritis practice using nurse-sensitive outcomes (Dr Gabrielle McKee)

    Other Topics - please contact us to discuss Prof Anne-Marie Brady