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Meet our Research Students

Aliona Vilinsky-Redmond 

  • Qualifications: B.Sc. in Midwifery, M.Sc. in Nursing Education, registered midwife, registered midwifery tutor, PhD student
  • Name of research project: Peri-operative active warming versus no peri-operative active warming of mothers for preventing neonatal hypothermia in term infants during skin-to-skin contact: a randomized controlled trial.
  • Research description: This study is an independent project, aiming to assess the effectiveness of peri-operative active warming of mothers undergoing elective CS at or after term gestation with intravenous fluids versus no peri-operative warming on maternal temperature and on the new-born’s temperature during and after SSC.
    Name of your supervisor: Valerie Smith
  • Funding agency (if applicable and if a fellowship, please state): TCD stipend
  • What's good about doing a doctoral degree in the school?: In my opinion a doctoral degree helps people to learn how to conduct high quality research and promotes in that way evidence based practice.
  • Start date and expected completion date: 1/3/16 till 1/3/19

Elizabeth Quinn

  • Qualifications: 
    JEB - Joint Examining Board, Teacher's Diploma in Information Communication Technology , BA Psychology 1.1, MA - Masters in Cognitive Science, MSc - Masters in Occupational Psychology
    MPhil - MPhil by Research, MBPsS - Member of British Psychological Society, Work and Organisational Psychologist
    IBCLC - International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Name of research project:  "Breastfeeding Support Groups in Ireland: A mixed methods investigation from a Cultural Historical Activity Theory perspective"The aim of this study is to identify the role of Breastfeeding Support Groups (BSGs) in providing information, support and encouragement to mothers in Ireland to breastfeed.  
  • Name of your supervisor: Dr. Louise Gallagher and Dr. Jan De Vries
  • Funding agency (if applicable and if a fellowship, please state)
    1252 School Stipend 
  • What's good about doing a doctoral degree in the school?
    I enjoy meeting with other PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers and discussing our varied interests and projects.  We all learn from each other and everyone is very encouraging and very generous with their time and interest.  
  • Full-time PhD student on school stipend 1 52
  • Start date and expected completion date Started in 2013 and expect to complete in September, 2017

Hadiah Almutairi

  • Qualifications: BPharm, MaPharmSci, Phd student
  • Name of research project: Gastrointestinal medication among older people with intellectual disability.
  • Research description: This project is part of larger Irish longitudinal study called IDS-Tilda, which included people with intellectual disability aged 40 and older. the project focused on Gastrointestinal mediciens, particularly, laxative and Proton pump inhibitor use. 
  • Name of the PI: Prof. Martin Henman, Assis prof. Maire O'Dwyer
  • Funding agency (if applicable and if a fellowship, please state: Saudi Ministry of Education  Scholarship
  • Start date and expected completion date: started on March 2015 - expected March 2019.

Mark Byrne

  • Qualifications: BA (Hons) Psychology , MA Cognitive Science, MSc Neuroscience
  • Name of research project: ‘The Enigma of Depression: A Novel Approach Using Cognitive Dissonance’
  • Research description: My study seeks to explore the role of internal conflict resolution in depression. It is part of the cognitive dissonance research programme in the School of Nursing and Midwifery headed by Dr. Jan DeVries.
  • Name of your supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Jan DeVries
    Co-Supervisor: Prof. Agnes Higgins
  • Funding agency (if applicable and if a fellowship, please state): Postgraduate Research Studentships (Code 1252)
  • What's good about doing a doctoral degree in the school?: The school encourages diversity in research topics which makes for an interesting and creative learning environment.
  • Full-time student.
  • Start date and expected completion date: Start date: Sept 2014
    Completion date: Sept 2018
  • Link to RSS profile :

Majed Alturbak

  • Qualifications: Bachelor Degree in Radiological Science, 2005, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • MSc in Health Informatics, 2011 City University London, London, UK.
  • My name is Majed Alturbak and doing a PhD as a full time student. My research is firstly ascertain the factors that influence do not attend (DNA) and Failure to prepare (FTA), secondly to then develop and evaluate a framework.
  • I have a scholarship from government of Saudi Arabia and working under supervision of Prof. Gabrielle Mckee and Dr. Mary Mooney. My project title is (An Action Research study to investigate and improve patient attendance rates and preparation for investigations in the radiology department at King Fahad Specialist Hospital).
  • As a researcher, I believe the school has a great place to do a research and meet junior researchers from different approaches, which is considered a good point for postgraduate students.

Siobán O’Brien Green

  • Qualifications: Master of Social Science, Social Policy, University College Dublin Bachelor of Arts in Social Policy and History of Art, University College Dublin
  • Name of research project: An exploration of the process involved when women chose to disclose they are experiencing domestic violence during pregnancy. A qualitative study that interviews women who have experienced domestic violence while pregnant to understand and identify what helped them, and what did not, to seek support, safety, help, refuge and access other relevant services.
  • Name of your supervisors: Dr Denise Lawler, Dr Joan Lalor, Dr Jo Murphy-Lawless.
  • Funding agency (if applicable and if a fellowship, please state): Health Sciences Faculty, Ussher Postgraduate Fellowship
  • What's good about doing a doctoral degree in the school?
    The range and breadth of research areas and topics of both the postgraduate students and staff within the School
  • Full-time student.
  • Start date and expected completion date: September 2015 to September 2019.

Karin O’Sullivan M.A ., PhD Candidate

  • The Imagined Economies of Participatory Citizenship: An exploration of the relationship between the production of the participatory citizen and equality.
  • Supervisors: Prof. Catherine Comiskey. Dr. Jo Murphy-Lawless.
  • This is an independent study.
  • This study received funding through a School of Nursing & Midwifery Stipend.
  • The supervisory support received for my study has been invaluable in helping me to see the world through a variety of different lenses. Support, both in terms of the formal structures of the peer support sessions and informal collegial support has been crucial for the learning process and for sustaining momentum over the duration of study.
  • I am a full-time PhD student, currently in my fourth and final year of registered study. I began this course of study in March 2012 and expect to complete in March 2017

Paul Kelly

  • Qualifications: BSc in Science from NUI Maynooth, Higher Diploma in statistics from NUI Maynooth.
  • Name of research project: Provision of research function for the National Advisory Committee on Drugs and Alcohol
  • Research description: Prevalence of Drug Use and Gambling in Ireland & Northern Ireland Name of the
  • PI: Katy Tobin Funding agency (if applicable and if a fellowship, please state): funded by the NACDA
  • Start date: 2nd August 2016 Expected completion date: 31/1 2017