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Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Women, Children and Families

Needs and Provisions for Children and Families

This theme includes research projects which focus on identifying the needs of children and families in hospital and primary care. The aim is to develop interventions to meet those needs and to evaluate existing interventions to ensure high quality care.

Current projects

  • Support Needs Analysis for Supporting Parents of Children from the Haematology/Oncology Service Prof Geralyn Hynes (PI), Prof I Coyne, Prof Agnes Higgins, Dr David Prendergast, Dr Peter Hanlon, Prof Mary McCarron
  • Identifying a core outcome set for clinical trials of interventions targeting young adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Protocol for a Delphi Study Byrne, M (PI), O’Connell A, Egan A, Dineen S, Hynes L (Galway University) Holt R (Southampton), Willaing I (Steno Diabetes Centre), Vallis M (Canada), Hendrieckx C (Australia), Prof. I Coyne Irish Research Council New Foundations Scheme 2016
  • An appraisal of instruments that measure collaborative practice and an evaluation of their suitability for use with children, young people and families in the context of long-term conditions. Prof Imelda Coyne
  • Models of Child Health Appraised (MOCHA).  Prof. Maria Brenner
  • Nursing and midwifery quality care-metrics project (acute Services, public health/community services, children’s services. Prof. Maria Brenner
  • Evaluating LauraLynn@Home: pilot hospice at home programme. Prof.Maria Brenner
  • Evaluation of the role of the case manager for children and young adults with complex care needs in Ireland. Prof. Maria  Brenner
  • Child Health and Development: Nutrition, Cognition and Mental Health. Prof. Maria Brenner

Current research students

  • Rasha Alsaigh, Exploring distress faced by parents of children with Russell Silver Syndrome in Ireland and Arabia. Principal supervisor:  Prof Imelda Coyne
  • Carmel Doyle, Mothers’ experiences of ‘giving medicines’ to children with complex needs. Principal supervisor:  Assistant Professor Patricia Cronin
  • Eleanor Hollywood, Aiding and Assisting Healthcare Policy for School Children: An investigation of how the role of the family influences the health of the school-aged child who comes from a disadvantaged area'. Principal Supervisor: Prof Catherine Comiskey
  • Mary O'Rourke, Measuring development and well-being longitudinal outcomes of children following public health nurse interventions. Principal Supervisor: Prof Catherine Comiskey
  • M Niermeyer An exploration of the consequences of having a burn injury in childhood Principal Supervisor: Prof. Maria Brenner.
  • S Moran An exploration into the social consequences of heart failure on the families of children diagnosed with this condition Co-supervisor Prof. Maria Brenner.

Completed projects

  • Developing an eHealth intervention to support children and young people’s (with chronic illnesses) transition to adult healthcare services. PI: Prof Imelda Coyne
  • Investigation of nurses’ experiences of using child restraint in the clinical setting. Team: Lisa Kirwan and Prof Imelda Coyne (HRB summer school scholarship)
  • Transition from child to adult care for young people with chronic illness (TRYCIS): a study of policies, process, and patients, parents, and healthcare professionals’ perspectives. PI: Prof Imelda Coyne
  • Transition from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to Adult Mental Health Services in an Irish Setting (ITRACK): A Study of Service Organisation, Policies, Process and User and Carer Perspectives. Prof Imelda Coyne
  • Investigation of registered nurse's practice and perceptions of family-centred care. PI: Prof Imelda Coyne
  • National Consultation with Children and Young People on a New National Children's Strategy, 2012 – 2017. PI: Prof Imelda Coyne
  • Parental Ethnotheories among Immigrant and Irish Parents of Infants in Ireland. Prof Imelda Coyne
  • An evaluation of client satisfaction with the Child and adolescent Mental Health services-a multicentre survey. Prof Imelda Coyne
  • RCT to evaluate the effects of dressing products on donor site healing of children with a thermal injury  M Brenner
  • Research priorities for children’s nursing in Ireland M Brenner
  • Barriers to, and facilitators of, research utilisation among RGNs and RSCNs in the Republic of Ireland M Brenner
  • Clinical handover practices in acute care services in Ireland.Prof. Maria Brenner.
  • Evaluating children’s services at Blackrock Clinic. Prof. Maria Brenner.
  • Feasibility analysis of key performance indicators for Emergency Departments in Ireland. Prof. Maria Brenner.
  • Identifying appropriate information resources for parents and families involved in caring for children and young people with rare conditions in Ireland. PI: Prof Honor Nicholl
  • Developing the parent2parent content of a rare disease website in Ireland. PI: Prof Honor Nicholl
  • Exploring the challenges experienced by people with muscular dystrophy living independently. PI: Prof Honor Nicholl
  • Developing an Information Resource for Health Professionals on 22qll Deletion syndrome. PI: Prof Honor Nicholl
  • A retrospective review of the nursing observations recorded on children in the first hour following their arrival at the Children's Emergency Department. PI: Prof Honor Nicholl
  • The identification of the type of technology used by children with complex needs who are receiving care at home. PI: Prof Honor Nicholl
  • Exploring mothers’ experiences of caring for a child with complex needs. PI: Prof Honor Nicholl
  • Children with life- limiting illnesses and exploration of terminology used. PI: Prof Honor Nicholl
  • A study of the impact of childhood disability on family dynamics. PI: Prof Honor Nicholl
  • An exploration of the role of voluntary organisations in the provision of services for children with an intellectual disability. PI: Assistant Prof Carmel Doyle
  • A Retrospective review and analysis of the Ryan Report. Assistant Prof Carole B. King

Completed research student theses

  • Aileen Cassells. Exploring the Relationship between Mothers and Young People with Cystic Fibrosis during Transition to Adult Services. Masters In Applied Social Research, Trinity College Dublin. Principal Supervisor: Prof Imelda Coyne
  • Ciara Wynne, A longitudinal study investigating the effects of parent health factors on the health outcomes of children in a school-based health promoting intervention.  Principal Supervisor:  Prof Catherine Comiskey 
  • Honor Nicholl, An exploration of mothers' experiences in caring for children with complex needs. Principal Supervisor: Prof Cecily Begley
  • Veronica Lambert, "Visible-ness". The Nature of Communication between Children and Health professionals in a specialist children's hospital in the Republic of Ireland. An Ethnographic inquiry. Principal Supervisor: Prof Mary McCarron
  • Rhonda Forsythe, Exploring the potential of using care pathways to manage children with asthma in the general practice setting. Principal Supervisor: Prof Cecily Begley
  • K Masterson ‘Parents’ experiences of the transfer of an acutely ill child from a regional to a tertiary care centre in Ireland’ Principal supervisor: Prof. Maria Brenner.
  • J Suanda ‘Identification of health marketing strategies in prevention of cervical cancer among Malay women in Malaysia’ Co-supervisor: Prof. Maria Brenner.