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Cancer research within the School of Nursing and Midwifery includes a focus on children with cancer, cancer survivorship, service and practice development within specialist care for adults with cancer, and cancer and ageing. Cancer research is one of Trinity College's core research themes. The development of a new Cancer Institute to consolidate cancer-related activities, including care, research and education in one location, in James' Hospital, Dublin, is a key element of the 2014-19 Strategic Plan for Trinity College Dublin (TCD). The School of Nursing and Midwifery, TCD, and St. James' Hospital, are keen to build our capacity in nursing to make a substantial contribution to leading the cancer care research agenda here in Ireland.

Theme leader: Prof Geralyn Hynes

Name of current and past visiting professor: Prof Shelia Payne

Current projects

  • Building research capacity in specialist cancer nursing. Prof Geralyn Hynes, Catherine O'Brien, Geraldine Prizeman (
  • Bortezomib treatment for Multiple Myeloma (A Cochrane Systematic Review). PIs: Kathleen Scott, Prof Imelda Coyne
  • A needs analysis of the parents of children from Our Lady's Children's Hospital Haematology/Oncology Service. PI: Prof Geralyn Hynes, Dr Gillian Fortune, Prof Agnes Higgins, Prof Imelda Coyne, Dr David Prendergast, Dr Peter Hanlon, Rachel McKenna, Carol Hilliard, Fiona Brennan and Prof Owen Smith
  • Interventions for promoting participation in shared decision-making for children with cancer. PI: Prof Imelda Coyne
  • Children with Cancer: Children, parents and health professionals’ perspective on children's participation in shared decision-making. PI: Prof Imelda Coyne
  • Demonstrating reduction in complications through ultrasound guided PICC insertion. PI: Nuala Hannon, Antonia Tierney, Catherine O’Brien, Dr Orla Dempsey

Current research students

  • Anita Duffy, Experiences of couples affected by prostate cancer. Principal Supervisor: Prof Naomi Elliott
  • Laura Dunne, A comparison of Factors which contribute to attendance and non-attendance for Prostate and Breast Cancer screening in an older Irish Population. Principal Supervisor: Prof Gabrielle McKee

Open opportunities for MSc/PhD projects

There are opportunities for PhD projects in the following topics:

Completed projects

  • Evaluation of febrile neutropenia risk assessment tool. PI: Catherine O'Brien (St. James') and Dr Orla Dempsey (TCPHI)

Completed research students

  • Amanda Drury, The Cost of Survival: Understanding Colorectal Cancer Survivors' Quality of Life. Principal Supervisor: Prof Anne Marie Brady
  • Mohammed Kasabeh, Cancer-related pain assessment and management. The effect of an Action Learning Programme on Irish health care professionals' knowledge, attitudes and practice. Principal Supervisor: Prof Catherine McCabe
  • Katy Tobin, Modelling the spread of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer and simulating the impact of a HPV immunization program on children and young women in Ireland. Principal Supervisor: Prof Catherine Comiskey
  • Catherine McCabe 'Open Window' Study - An evaluation of a novel art intervention in the treatment of patients undergoing stem cell transplantation. Principal Supervisor: Prof. Cecily Begley
  • Gerard Tobin, Breaking bad news: a phenomenological study into the giving and the receiving of a cancer diagnosis. Principal Supervisor: Prof. Cecily Begley