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NU7553 Perioperative Department Management (10 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

Following completion of this module the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective leadership and management skills.
  • Develop an awareness of quality assurance initiatives and budgeting pertaining to the operating department.
  • Critically evaluate the role of the perioperative nurse in effectively managing organ retrieval, the death of a patient and care of the relatives in the operating department.
  • Critically evaluate current innovations and advancements in perioperative nursing practice incorporating quality, safety and accountability into all aspects of care
  • Develop an awareness of the psychological needs of the patient undergoing surgery and demonstrate the ability to meet these needs.
  • Critically examine the legal aspects of professional peri-operative nursing practice and practice within the legislative framework.
  • Explore and debate the factors that contribute to violence and aggression in the workplace and utilize preventative and coping strategies to minimize same.
  • Discuss in detail theatre design, technology, and resources required for the effective management of an operating department.
  • Develop an awareness of issues pertaining to staff recruitment, retention and skill mix within the peri-operative setting.
  • Having successfully completed the programme participants will demonstrate the following
  • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate quality individualized care of the patient undergoing surgery.
  • Demonstrate in-depth specialist knowledge of the indications for surgical interventions and the specific procedures used for the various types of surgery.
  • Deliver advanced anaesthetic and post-anaesthetic patient care.
  • Provide peri-operative nursing care to the paediatric patient.

Module Learning Aims & Rationale

Rapid advancements in operative procedures and technology demands that the peri-operative nurse must be highly competent in many diverse aspects of surgical nursing. In-depth knowledge of specialist operative procedures enables the peri-operative nurse to assess, plan implement and evaluate the needs of each individual patient.

This module is divided into four units

Unit one aims to facilitate the programme participant to gain insight into the organizational structure, resources and services of the clinical area from a management perspective. In addition this unit aims to equip the peri-operative nurse with the knowledge and skills required, to take a leading role in developing services to enhance patient care. Unit two addresses surgical procedures and specialties Unit three focuses on the advanced knowledge and skills required for the anaesthetic and post anaesthetic management of the patient Unit four focuses on the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to care for the paediatric patient undergoing surgery in the pre-operative, intraoperative and postoperative phases. Directed Specifically towards AMNCH paediatric nurse students

Recommended Reading List

Indicative Resources

Peri-operative Department Management

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Surgical Strand

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*Other readings will be provided by individual lecturers.