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NU7303 Clinical Practicum -Gerontological Nursing Practice (10 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

Following completion of this module the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a crucial understanding of the concept of multiple pathology and the implications for caring for older persons
  • Demonstrate a person-centred approach to care planning using valid and reliable evidence based tools which include the older person/family member in appropriate goal setting, taking cognizance of potential sensory losses experienced by the older person which can result in communication barriers
  • Apply in-depth specialist knowledge of the specific physiological and psychosocial needs of the older person in planning and implementing care
  • Practice in an ethical manner that reflects, knowledge, insight and clinical judgement in the management of patients, including collaboration and consultation
  • Demonstrate specific knowledge of pharmacological issues in Gerontological nursing practice
  • Demonstrate a crucial understanding of the ageing process and theories of ageing
  • Critically evaluate current research findings designed to promote and maximise the functional abilities of the older person in a variety of care settings
  • Utilise specialist knowledge, gained through the theoretical component of the programme, to co-ordinate care in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team
  • Apply knowledge of team working dynamics in making a positive contribution to the care team including the ability to effectively contribute to the management of change
  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of care delivered and review practice in accordance with evidence based research
  • Recognise emergencies and respond appropriately utilising specialist knowledge
  • Contribute to service provision which incorporates safe practice and promotes patient dignity and respect
  • Critically examine policies and protocols which guide best practice in caring for the older person
  • Recognise and avail of opportunities to increase knowledge and skills
  • Apply the principles of rehabilitative nursing to practice
  • Assist the older person in achieving their personal optimal level of health and well being by providing a systematic approach to Gerontological nursing that is based in evidence and best practice
  • Advocate for the health needs of older adults and especially those with reduced decision making capacity
  • Ensure the older person is facilitated with the appropriate support to adapt to significant life events eg loss of home/independent living/significant people in their lives
  • Ensure physical, psychological, social and spiritual care is provided for the dying person and his/her carer

Module Learning Aims & Rationale

This practice module will complement the theoretical component of the course, by allowing the student to apply specialist gerontological concepts within a specialist practice setting.

Recommended Reading List

  • Archibald, C. (2003) People with dementia in acute hospitals: a practice guide for registered nurses. University of Stirling, Stirling
  • Brooker, D. (2007) Person centered dementia care: making services better. Jessica Kingsley, London
  • Capezuti, E. et al (eds) (2008) Evidence-based geriatric nursing, protocols for best practice. 3rd edn. Springer, New York
  • Department of Health and Children (2009) Commission of Investigation (Leas Cross Nursing Home) Final Report, Department of Health and Children. Dublin
  • Davis, S. O’Connor, S. (eds) (1999) Rehabilitation nursing: foundations for practice. Balliere Tindall, Edinburgh
  • Health Information and Quality Authority (2007) National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People. Health Information and Quality Authority, Dublin
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  • Tolson, D. et al (2003) An exploration of the perceived impact of policies intended to improve the nursing care of older people within long term care settings in Scotland: final report submitted to CSO. Caledonian Nursing & Midwifery Research Centre, Glasgow

*Other readings will be provided by individual lecturers.