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NU7203 Advancing the Theoretical Foundations for Midwifery (10 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

Following completion of this module the student should be able to:

  • Advance midwifery by contributing to the debate on the nature of midwifery;
  • Debate the relationship between philosophy and midwifery and critically discuss the implications for practice, theory and research;
  • Critically explore knowledge development in midwifery and its application to contemporary issues in midwifery and the health services;
  • Discriminate between levels and scope of theory in midwifery;
  • Evaluate the processes of theory and concept analysis, synthesis and derivation;
  • Evaluate theories/concepts for use in research and articulate implications for practice development and innovation;
  • Critically examine the role of reflective practice as a tool for enhancing midwifery practice;
  • Critically analyse the use of reflective frameworks as a means to inform and promote excellence in practice.

Module Learning Aims& Rationale

Master graduates require an advanced theoretical knowledge base from which to practice and skills of sound academic argument for further knowledge development. Advanced skills of reflection, critical thinking and analysis are essential for excellence in midwifery practice. The aim of the module is to facilitate and enable exploration of the development of midwifery knowledge and theory, critical analysis of the relationship between research, theory and practice and exploration of midwifery practice through the use of reflection.