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NU7020 Leadership, Quality Improvement and Governance (10 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

Following completion of this module the student should be able to:


Critically evaluate current developments in the health care system.


Analyse the impact of policy and policy formation on service provision.


Critically evaluate the application of contemporary leadership theories to leadership in clinical practice and healthcare.


Critically evaluate leading change in clinical practice and health care


Critically evaluate quality improvement models and strategies and their
application in clinical practice and health care


Analyse the relationship between change and quality improvement in clinical practice and healthcare


Evaluate the application of patient safety principles and human
factor engineering in clinical practice and health care


Reflect on practice and further develop
practice in light of new knowledge and insights

Module Learning Aims & Rationale

Clinical leadership and quality improvement are essential to clinical practice and health care, as evidenced in reports such as Clinical nurse/midwife Specialist role resource pack (2008) Commission on Patient Safety & Quality Assurance (2008) and Slaintecare (2017). The rationale for the module is to provide nurses with an understanding of the structure and functioning of the

health services in Ireland and to explore the impact of leadership and quality improvement strategies on improving the provision of services. The aim of this module is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to all clinical practice, specialist nursing and advanced practice roles to contribute to making an effective contribution to the attainment of excellence in client /patient care, and to the development of both health policy and health service delivery.