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Advanced Knowledge Translation Practicum in Ageing and Intellectual Disability (Clinical Placement ) (10 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

Following completion of this module the student should be able to


This module will give students an understanding of how theoretical concepts in ageing and intellectual disability may be applied and further developed in practice


Students taking the clinical placement option will develop an understanding of the practical challenges and solutions in managing ageing and intellectual disability in clinical practice

Methods of Teaching and Student Learning

Lecture, practical/clinical tutorials, supervised clinical exposure, group work, group discussions, one to one teaching, small group teaching, student presentations. At the commencement of the course, the student will seek a suitable preceptor from their clinical site and both, where possible attend preceptorship training. This preceptor will act as clinical supervisor/teacher and provide educational and personal support to the student. The preceptor will also participate in clinical competency appraisal, feedback and evaluations. Finally, the student is continually supported by the multi-disciplinary team of experts contributing to this programme.

Module Content

Clinical – employment based placement

Students taking the clinical placement option will be expected to select one element of the course learning to date and apply it practically within their own employment setting. This may include the application of a specific assessment tool, or the implementation of a particular approach or process to education in clinical practice – for example using a specific model of person-centred planning to develop a person-centred plan for individuals or developing an educational seminar to promote clinical learning. Students will demonstrate practical understanding of their chosen aspect in clinical practice and through their competency based documentation.

Module Learning Aims

The aim of this module is to provide the student with the opportunity to apply structured classroom learning to practice. This clinical practicum module will complement the theoretical component of the course by allowing the student to gain appreciation of the complexities and changing needs of the older adult with an intellectual disability.

Recommended Reading List

Detailed reading lists will be provided by session lecturers