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Online Request for Extension or Defer to Supplemental to Submission Date for Assignment

Students are required to formally apply using the ‘Request for Extension/Defer to supplemental’ online form.  All applications MUST be accompanied by supporting evidence. In the case of illness a medical certificate may be accepted.

It is mandatory to consult the School of Nursing & Midwifery Course Handbook regarding your request. 

Extension Assessment/s: Submission dates for completed work can only be permitted in extenuating circumstances and require supporting documentation (please see School Handbook). Requests for extension must be submitted at least one week prior to the submission date. Each application is considered on an individual basis.

Upon review of the application and supporting evidence by the Course Coordinator or supervisor, students may be permitted a maximum of two weeks extension from the original submission date.

Defer to Supplemental: In the event additional time is required to complete an assignment students are advised to consult with their Course Coordinator or Supervisor regarding the possibility of deferring the assignment to the supplemental. All defer applications are only to be permitted in extenuating circumstances and will require supporting documentation. 

All assessments that are deferred to supplemental are in consultation of your course coordinator/supervisor and in the final judgement of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Request for deferral must be submitted to PG Admin Team at least two weeks prior to the submission date.

As this will be considered as the first attempt at the assessment(s) you will be given full range of marks. However, if you defer your assessment to the supplemental session and fail, you will need to make a case to the Court of Appeals for another attempt in the next academic year.

Please note extensions are NOT permitted at supplementals.

Dissertation (NU8007/NU8009)
Students may request an extension on the deadline for submission of their Dissertation (NU8007/NU8009) by completing the ‘Request for Extension’ form in conjunction with their Supervisor and/or Course Coordinator. Supporting evidence such as a medical certificate in the case of illness is required for your request to be considered by the Course Committee, following which a maximum of four weeks extension may be permitted.

Please note extensions are not permitted in August due to the end of year college calendar dates.  If you have any further queries, please contact the PG Admin Team.

Important notice: 
Subject to the assessment submission dates extension and deferrals may not be permitted or reduced due to college calendar dates.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are aware of the college policy and guidelines before applying for the above requests.   By completing the online application, you are agreeing to college terms and conditions.

All correspondents and supporting documentation must be emailed directly to Pgt Nursing Midwifery Email  

To be completed by student – All fields marked with an astrix (*) are mandatory 

Request for Extension to Submission Date for Assignment

Extension (maximum of 2 weeks ONLY)


Defer to Supplemental

Supervisors or Module Leaders Full Name:

Original assignment/assessment submission date (dd-mm-yyyy)

*Reason for Request:


*Have you provided supporting documentation?

(If YES email supporting documentation to along with student Number Student Name and Module Code of the extension)

*If no, please advise when documentation will be provided?

*Have you consulted the relevant Guidelines and Handbooks regarding Extension Request?


I consent to the processing of my personal data for sole purposes of Trinity College Dublin [Application for Extension to Submission Date for Assignment]. I understand that my personal data will be processed in accordance with the Trinity College Dublin Privacy Notice.


Supporting Evidence
Email all supporting evidence to along with along with your Student Number/Course/Year/Module Code
As per college guidelines all TCD (PG Office) correspondence will only be sent to you via your TCD email address. I strongly urge you to only use your when communicating about course matters and to check your TCD email address regularly.

Support Services
Support services for students The University provides a wide range of student facilities including a health service, counselling services, family friendly initiatives / work-life balance, chaplaincy, accommodation, careers advice, students’ union and study skills workshops. These services are freely available to all students, as is the College's unique tutorial support service.