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Annual School Awards for the Academic Year 2017-18

On Wednesday 21 November 2018, the School of Nursing & Midwifery, hosted its Annual School Awards for the Academic Year 2017-18.  The School Awards were established in order to celebrate the academic achievements of our students.
In 2017/18 a total of 39 awards were presented to the School's top students across a wide range of courses.

The recipients of the awards were:


Student Name

BSc (Cur) / Children’s and General (Integrated) Degree: Junior Freshman


General Nursing

Aisling Barrett

Mental Health Nursing

Thomas Murphy

Intellectual Disability Nursing

Sarah Gorman

Children’s and General Nursing

Laura Giffney



BSc (Cur) / Children’s and General (Integrated) Degree: Senior Freshman


General Nursing

Tomasz Kurkowski

Mental Health Nursing

Emmanuella Anunobi

Intellectual Disability Nursing

Derek Kearon

Children’s and General Nursing

Orlagh MCConville

BSc (Cur) / Children’s and General (Integrated) Degree: Junior Sophister


General Nursing

Lucia Dogotari

Mental Health Nursing

Mikayla Doherty

Intellectual Disability Nursing

Claire Henderson

Children’s and General Nursing

Caitlin O'Conboirne

BSc (Cur) / Children’s and General (Integrated) Degree: Senior Sophister


General Nursing

Camille De Jesus

Mental Health Nursing

Izabela Malaniwska

Intellectual Disability Nursing

Olubukola Akindolie

Children’s and General Nursing

Sarah Mather



BSc in Midwifery programme


BSc Midwifery Programme: Junior Freshman

Bronagh O'Farrell Byrne

BSc Midwifery Programme: Senior Freshman

Ciara Daly

BSc Midwifery Programme: Junior Sophister


BSc Midwifery Programme: Senior Sophister




Postgraduate Programmes


Higher Diploma in Children's Nursing

Gunning, Niamh

Nursing Specialist Nursing Year 1 Part Time

Donohoe, Marguerite

Nursing (Specialist Nursing) Year 2

Li, Jingli

Palliative Care Year 1 Part Time

Collins, Clare

Palliative Care Year 2 Part Time

Power, Karen

Clinical Health Sciences Education Year 1 Part Time

Kelly, Alexandra

Clinical Health Sciences Education Year 2

Marry, Lisa

Community Health Year 2 Part Time

O'Brien, Ann

Mental Health Child Adolescent and Family Strand Year 1

McKeown, Mark

Mental Health Part Time Year 1

O'Donohoe, Michelle

Child Health and Wellbeing Year 1 Part Time

Fahy, Deirdre

Child Health and Wellbeing Year 2 Part Time

Lawlor, Sinead

Child Health and Wellbeing Full Time

Arnold, Olivia

Nursing (Advanced Nurse Practitioner Strand) Year 1 Part Time

Glynn, Lisa

Nursing (Advanced Nurse Practitioner Strand) Year 2 Part Time

Fraser, Caroline

Dementia Full Time Year 1

Walsh, Amy

Dementia Part Time Year 2

Ellis, Sharon

Dementia (Online)

Sciberras, Angele

Gerentological Nursing Part Time Year 2

ESTUPIÑÁN Artiles, Constantino





Preceptor of the Year

Fiona Carey

Lorraine Andrews Medal and Bursary Winner

Cathy Darcy

Carole King Prize

Ida Lis and Sarah Mathers

Students' family, friends, and staff of the School and linked Health Service providers were present to celebrate these students' achievements as they accepted their awards. The Awards was opened by Sylvia Huntley Moore which was followed by an address by the Head of School Professor Anne-Marie Brady. Professor Brady complemented students on their hard work and achievement, and praised the student's families and staff in both TCD and the linked hospitals in their support of the students.

Photographs available here to download