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Gravitate Health Project

Prof Catherine McCabe of the School of Nursing & Midwifery is the Trinity lead in the Gravitate Health project which is a 5 year (€18,5 Million) international project launched by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) on November 16th 2020.  This unique public – private strategic partnership is co-led by the University of Oslo (public partner coordinator) and Pfizer (industry lead). Trinity is one of 40 leading partners from civil society, academia and industry in 15 countries have joined forces to develop novel, patient-focussed healthcare information tools.  The project aims to improve citizens timely access to trustworthy, relevant information about medicines and ensure a better understanding of health information, for safe use of medicines, risk minimization and improved quality of life.  

Prof McCabe said that the Team from Trinity will play a significant role in this project. She will lead Evaluation of the G-lens (feasibility, usefulness, usability, understandability and adherence) and Prof Maria Brenner will lead the selection of KPIs for the project with support from team members, Mary Hughes, Carmel Doyle and Margaret McCann.  Gravitate health has the potential to save lives and reduce avoidable hospitalization, emergency care and adult outpatient visits.