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Addiction Debates by Professor Catherine Comiskey

Addiction Debates explores the tumultuous landscape of addiction research, policy and practice. Covering all the 'hot topics' of the day in a balanced and informative manner, Comiskey provides international perspectives on each topic, stimulating debate and discussion via the different approaches taken globally.

Considering the complexities of debates around legalisation, rehabilitation, abstinence, harm reduction, and the current opioid epidemic, this SAGE Swift also looks into the health and social concerns related to drug consumption. Less-often debated topics include the ageing population of people who use drugs, the rights of the child of parents who use drugs, and the pressure these unique factors put on public health and associated services. A relevant text for a range of disciplines and people, sure to inform, challenge and continue the debate.


Catherine Comiskey’s book tackles the current debates and controversies in the field of substance use head-on, in a way that is provocative, theoretically sophisticated, and solidly grounded in data.  This is the book I’ve been looking for to use in classes with advanced undergraduates and post-doctoral trainees, as well as to recommend to colleagues who lament how difficult it is to stay current with the rapidly evolving trends in substance use and related policies. This book fulfills a need to understand the “big issues” in the field of addiction research and policy, as well as being a pleasure to read. 

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8th 2-3.30pm, Boardroom, LYIT
Professor Catherine Comiskey discusses her new book ‘ADDICTION DEBATES’

There are a limited number of spaces available for this event.   The Alcohol Forum’s Paula

Leonard will interview Professor Comiskey on her research and her new book in this ‘in conversation with’ event. TO BOOK email