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The MAMMI Study – media presentations and recent publications

The MAMMI Study – Media Presentations and Recent Publications


As part of Science week (13-18 November), the MAMMI team were invited to share the following findings from their study:

1) Ireland AM: Women’s Health After Motherhood, (Co-presented with a study participant) - Click here to see the video

2) Women’s mental health during and after pregnancy - Click here for more information

3) Improving maternal health (Co-presented with a study participant) - Click here for more information

The team were also delighted to share the findings with the Prevention and Early Intervention Network, Home Visiting Alliance and Area-Based Childhood Programmes at their event ‘The Pregnancy Equation: Supporting pregnancy + Supporting Parenthood = better family outcomes’ on Thursday 24th November.

Their latest publications include:

  • Hannon, S., Newnham, E., Hannon, K., Wuytack, F., Johnson, L., McEvoy, E., & Daly, D. (2022). Positive postpartum well-being: What works for women. Health expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy25(6), 2971–2981. DOI
  • Daly, D., Moran, P., Wuytack, F., Cusack, C., Hannon, K., & Begley, C. (2022). Prevention and treatment of peripartum urinary incontinence-a survey of hospital-based maternity services in Ireland. International urogynecology journal33(12), 3481–3489 DOI

Other maternal health-related publications include:

  • Hannon, K., Vika Nilsen, AB., Murphy, M., Schauer Eri, T., Leahy-Warren, P., Corcoran, C., Downe, S. & Daly, D. (2022). What women identify as positive aspects and areas for improvement of maternity care and services in Ireland: An online survey. DOI
  • Alòs-Pereñíguez, S., O'Malley, D., & Daly, D. (2022). Women's views and experiences of augmentation of labour with synthetic oxytocin infusion: A qualitative evidence synthesis. Midwifery116, 103512. DOI
  • Leutenegger, V., Grylka-Baeschlin, S., Wieber, F., Daly, D., & Pehlke-Milde, J. (2022). The effectiveness of skilled breathing and relaxation techniques during antenatal education on maternal and neonatal outcomes: a systematic review. BMC pregnancy and childbirth22(1), 856. DOI