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The Gas Building

The former Gas Company headquarters occupying a site fronting onto D'Olier Street, Hawkins Street and Leinster Market is a complex structure representing several phases of development and construction. The earliest phase of construction dates back to 1818 when the Dublin Library Society acquired a site on D'Olier Street from the Wide Streets Commissioners.

This block was subsequently remodelled to the designs of Robinson and Keefe in the art Deco style between 1931 and 1934. Today the Gas Company building survives as one of the finest public buildings of the interwar period in Dublin. The combination of the quaint Neo-Tudor and jazzy Art Deco styles in one building is unique in Dublin and both styles lending themselves well to the streetscapes into which they were integrated.

The Art Deco interiors of the building are among the finest in the country particularly when one considers the loss of so many fine Art Deco interiors.

The panelled interiors or the Board Room and Directors office are particularly good examples of that style of domestic architecture satirised by Osbert Lancaster as ‘Stockbroker Tudor' though found here in a commercial setting. The survival of so many smaller fixtures and fitting from the 1930s such as sanitary wares and light fittings is also of interest and as part of the proposed conversation and adaptation of this building to provide for the School of Nursing to Trinity College Dublin, all due care is taken to preserve these fittings as well as the unique character of the overall structure.


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