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Student Placement Information

Off Duty/Roster

Please note the method by which students obtain their off duty/roster can vary from placement to placement, it is imperative students do not make any assumptions. Please clearly read your area profile for each placement for full instructions.

Competency Documentation/Area Profiles/Learning Outcomes

Each and every clinical placement has an area profile and learning outcomes. Area profiles can vary in detail, the minimum information contained is a contact person students should ring in advance of commencement of placement with any queries. Students are required to present with a clinical competency document and timesheet, along with any area specific documentation as outlined in the individual area profile.  The area profile also contains instructions on the relevant competency document and timesheet students are required to print and bring with them on placement.



Travel Allowances are the responsibility of the Student Allocation Liaison Officer (SALO) in your affiliated hospital, if you have any queries please contact the SALO relevant to you.

Contact Details

While every effort is made to place students within a reasonable travelling distance from your home/term address please note this is not always possible. It is imperative your term/home address are up to date, along with your contact details, any amendments should be made directly with Academic Registry

Time Owing

Details of time owing are available in the shared guidelines, available in the Allocations folder on Blackboard, please familiarise yourself with relevant sections.
Students who incur time owing in years 1-3 are required to repay this time over the summer holidays, please take this into consideration when making arrangements for the summer.

Allocations folder on Blackboard

Vaccinations/Occupational Health

All students are required to obtain vaccinations as required by your affiliated hospital. Details of these vaccinations are communicated to students on behalf of your hospital. Any enquiries should be directed to either the occupational health department of your hospital, or the Student Allocations Liaison Officer.

Contact Details

Letters for Grants/Social Welfare

Throughout your studies students often require letters for grant applications/social welfare etc. Such requests should directed to the Academic Registry .In the event that your request cannot be addressed by Academic Registry please contact the relevant Executive Officer for your year/class (details available in the Course Handbook).

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