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Aisling Brennan

Reports from London

A lot has changed since walking the cobbles in front of the Campanile in Trinity College since my graduation in April 2012. The reality of moving abroad to seek employment  opportunities dawned on me when I was in my gown and cap getting my photos taken with the class I had spent the previous five years with. Crossroads are scary things!

Leaving my mother’s apron strings was difficult. I definitely delayed my start date. I knew what a great opportunity Great Ormond Street would be, however I was not ready to give up familiarity, or my car. When I ventured into the world of London living, I soon realised with so many Irish around, I was never too far from home.  Now here in London, being part of a team and gaining experience makes me feel confident with my decision.

I am one of the lucky ones, sharing this opportunity with three of my classmates as we are all on the same ward in Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.  We all share the same highs and lows and embrace our experiences, learning from each other and meeting new people from around the world. Being Irish in London gives us distinction and better yet, being graduates of Trinity College Dublin gives us worldwide recognition.

The experience I am gaining in my first year is invaluable. The patient care, the specialities, the new technology, new procedures, new medicines for different treatments, drugs and diseases I have never heard of: it’s all at my fingertips. We are very well respected for being Irish qualified nurses and applauded for our skill level within our first year.  This just pushes me to want to learn and do more. Socially, you can never be bored in London; there are so many activities to get involved in from roller-blading to hiking up the O2 Arena, to eating out at different street food festivals and exploring the different and distinctive markets. I knew coming over here would be a great opportunity, but I never imagined how amazing my new life would be. Life gave me lemons, so I just made some tasty lemonade!  

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