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Population and Community Health

Cardiovascular Health and Wellbeing

Significant improvements in cardiovascular health have been achieved both nationally and internationally over the past two decades. However, with our ageing population and increases in rates of obesity and diabetes, such positive trends are unlikely to be maintained with current practices.

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Theme Leader: Prof Sharon O'Donnell

Current projects

  • What is preventing Nurses and Allied Professionals from implementing clinical guidelines? A survey from the European Society of Cardiology Council on Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions. Prof Gabrielle McKee (PI), Dr Caitriona Jennings (Imperial College), Dr Donna Fitzsimmons (UU)
  • Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) deactivation and end of life issues among ICD recipients. Prof Debra Moser (PI), Prof Sharon O Donnell, Prof Mary Mooney, Prof Frances O' Brien, Prof Gabrielle McKee
  • Evaluation of outcomes of e-based phase III cardiac rehabilitation programme (Evaluation health care interventions: Cardiac Rehabilitation St James Hospital Phase 5). Mary Kerins PI (St James Hospital). Prof Gabrielle McKeeGeraldine Prizeman (TCPHI)
  • Changes in risk factor profile of patients attending cardiac rehabilitation over the last 10 years  (Evaluation health care interventions : Cardiac Rehabilitation St James' Hospital Phase 6), Mary Kerins PI (St James' Hospital), Prof Gabrielle McKee
  • Evaluation of Endovenous Ablation procedures (Laser/Radio frequency) to treat Varicose Veins. Bernie Hannon PI (St James’ Hospital Veins Unit), Prof Sharon O Donnell
  • An examination of the impact of the role of the ANP on Stroke patient outcomes. Patricia Daly PI (Naas Hospital) Prof Sharon O Donnell,
  • Discharge of non-ACS chest pain patients from Emergency Care to a nurse led out-patient chest pain clinic: An observational study of referral source and final diagnosis. : Shirley Ingram PI, Prof Gabrielle McKee
  • Evaluation of patient outcomes following attendance at a heart failure cardiac rehabilitation  programme (Evaluating health care interventions and innovations : cardiac rehabilitation in Tallaght Hospital project 3). Noeleen Fallon PI (Tallaght Hospital), Prof Gabrielle McKee
  • An evaluation of patients’ experiences of advanced nurse practitioner-led chest pain services in Naas and Tallaght Hospitals.  Jacqueline O’Toole PI (Naas Hospital) , Shirley Ingram(Tallaght Hospital), Prof Frances O' Brien

Current research students

Open opportunities for MSc/PhD projects

There are opportunities for PhD projects in the following topics:

  • The effectiveness of a web-based intervention in reducing pre-hospital delay time in patients with acute coronary syndrome in the primary care and secondary care setting. Prof Gabrielle McKee
  • An action research project to evaluate, develop and implement telephone follow-up as a mechanism for post-discharge support. Prof Sharon O'Donnell
  • An action research project to evaluate, develop and implement a standardised patient discharge information protocol in a cardiac setting. Prof Mary Mooney & Prof Frances O'Brien
  • An action research project to evaluate the problem of non-attendance at cardiac appointments and to develop and implement a strategy to address this. Prof Gabrielle McKee and Prof Mary Mooney
  • An evaluation of the new Percutaneous Coronary intervention (PCI) programme. Prof Mary Mooney & Prof Frances O'Brien

Completed projects

  • The Effectiveness of a Structured Educational Intervention on the length of pre-hospital delay in patients at risk of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS): ACS Response time – Intervention Trial. PI Prof Gabrielle McKee
  • An Examination of Gendered presentation in Acute Coronary Syndrome. PI Prof Sharon O'Donnell
  • Irish Women's Early Warning Symptoms of Acute Coronary Syndrome. PI Prof Sharon O'Donnell
  • Cardiac Nurses' Heart Disease Knowledge Study. PI Prof Gabrielle McKee
  • Evaluation Healthcare Interventions: Cardiac Rehabilitation St James' Hospital: Mary Kerins (PI), Prof Gabrielle McKee
    • Phase 1: Quality of life of cardiac rehabilitation patients
    • Phase 2: Patient satisfaction
    • Phase 3: The influence of stages of change on patient outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation
    • Phase 4: Factors that influence cardiac rehabilitation programme attendance
  • Evaluating healthcare interventions and innovations: cardiac rehabilitation in Tallaght Hospital: Noeleen Fallon (Tallaght Hospital), Prof Gabrielle McKee, Caroline Finn (Tallaght Hospital), Nora Flynn (Tallaght Hospital), Rose O'Mahony (Tallaght Hospital), Patricia McGeary (Tallaght Hospital).
    • Project 1: The effectiveness of the systematic identification and follow up of hypertensive patients using ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (APBM) in cardiac rehabilitation (CR).
    • Project 2: Analysis & Management of Problems during Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Completed research students

  • Prof Sharon O Donnell, Women and myocardial infarction: an analysis of care pathway delays. Principal Supervisor: Prof Cecily Begley
  • Mary Kerins, The Reasons for non-attendance at and non-completion of a phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme and analysis of contributing factors. Principal Supervisor: Prof Gabrielle McKee
  • Caroline Finn (MSc candidate), Predictors of Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation in the 21st Century. Supervisor: Prof Gabrielle McKee (2016)
  • Frances O'Brien, The effectiveness of an individualised educational intervention on ACS patients' knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about heart disease and their responses to ACS symptoms. Supervisor(s): Prof Sharon O'Donnell (Principal), Prof Gabrielle McKee, Prof Debra Moser
  • Mary Mooney, A study to ascertain the effectiveness of a structured educational intervention on the length of pre-hospital delay in patients at risk of acute coronary syndrome: A randomised, controlled trial. Prof Gabrielle McKee (Principal), Dr Gerard Faely, Prof Debra Moser