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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Innovations in Spiritual Care Education in the Netherlands: its foundations, content and effects.
The Cuban Health System: our legacy from Che Guevara and Fidel Castro
The Suffocation of Meaning in Asylum Seekers’ Life in Ireland: Re-Traumatising the Traumatised.
Distributing Leadership Roles for Ethical and Effective Health Care: An Agenda for Approval and Development
Nurse Eleanor Hope Shackleton - more than Ernests sister
Technological torture or treatment? The need for compassionate leadership in healthcare
Do the ancient roots of Celtic shamanism have a bearing on holistic health today?
Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section: Opportunities for Maternity Care and Women in Ireland

Special one-day conference on Maternal Morbidities Minding Mothers with Morbidities’ in Dublin Tuesday 8th November 2016